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How do I become a member of Sandgate Yacht Club?

Contact the Secretary for details, complete the membership application form and forward it with your cheque payable to Sandgate Yacht Club Inc, PO Box 4, Sandgate Q 4017. Alternatively come along to one of our meetings or sailing days.

Membership Categories

  • Full Member
  • Crew Member
  • Junior Member
  • Associate Member

Membership Arrangements

Under the arrangements of the demerger activities Sandgate Yacht Club has a special relationship with the Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane based on the annual payment of a peppercorn rental to VMRB. Full members of Sandgate Yacht Club are required either to be a member of Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane or make equivalent payment to Sandgate Yacht Club of VMRB membership entrance fee and membership subscription that is remitted to VMRB for the use of the facilities. Sandgate Yacht Club Inc contributes to the management and operation of VMRB and to the maintenance of the facilities.

Full Members of Sandgate Yacht Club as members of Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane are entitled to the use of its facilities - launching ramp, pontoon, bar, secure hardstand, etc.

Sailors who skipper (helm) boats in Sandgate Yacht Club events must be full members of the Club.

Crew, Junior and Associate Members are not obliged to be members of Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane.

Visiting Sailors are invited to sail in Sandgate Yacht Club events, after three races they are required to become a member of Sandgate Yacht Club if they wish to continue sailing in Club events.

Members of Sandgate Yacht Club who sail in (helm or crew) must pay a capitation fee to Yachting Queensland. This fee is included in the annual membership fee of Sandgate Yacht Club Inc and remitted to Yachting Queensland

Club Meetings

Club General Meetings are held at 1930 hours on the first Monday of each month and the Annual General Meeting is held on the first Monday of June. Meetings are held in the Club House at Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane Inc, Allpass Parade, Shorncliffe Q 4017